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Fishing Maps

Extensive interviews for many years with experienced Charter Captains resulted in a comprehensive list of "Hot Spots" on the Lake. The various species move from spot to spot, but these are the well-known places they frequent. Daily input of fishing experiences relative to these spots is available with a  Fish Connect membership. The spots are organized by Major Area within each Basin of the Lake. 

These most favorite "spots" fall into essentially 3 categories:

1. Those associated with Land as in a City, a point of land, a bay, a harbor entrance, etc.

2. Those associated with an above or below water structure as in a reef, a wreck, a drop off or depression, a light, a marker, etc.

3. Those associated with an area of the lake with no significant marking. These spots normally associate with weather changes.

Spot Names in "Minor Area" with "OFF" in their names indicate the fishing spot is offshore from the center point of the Spot. These spots normally cover a fairly large area, indicated by the number of "minutes" North/South/East/West of the spot center point. Fish typically inhabit these spots over the entire range of the spot, which may be several miles wide and or deep. Example is Spot 7, Toledo Water Intake - this spot covers an area 2 nautical miles North and South of the latitude/longitude shown and 6 nautical miles East and West. Fish Connect Members receive fishing information of the Specie and Spot with a rating between "Hot" to "Present but Not Biting" for an area a certain direction and distance from the center of the Spot.

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