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Sometimes, the world of the internet and life in general just get too serious, confused, pressured. At times like that, its a good idea to just kick back and enjoy a laugh or two. We've collected some family and friends' photos. Also, Email is a wonderful medium for sending jokes, pictures, etc from one friend to another. Here is a group of some of the more interesting ones we've seen. Enjoy.

Not Offbeat, but just some of our family family & of course, our favorite past time fishing
A Day's Lobster Catch in Florida Keys
What a bunch of Walleyes
Muskie Time

Marlin Time

This is a Real Cat Fish. We've heard fish stories before, but this takes the cake.
Bill feeding his family
Red Neck 
Measuring Tape
Winter in February, Up North
Photos of Air Force C-130 releasing flares to repel heat seaking missles. The pattern is how they got their name "angel decoys".
One Too Many

Clinton Dollar

Hall of Fame


Deer Watch

Open Door Policy?

Bozo's Towing


Click here to see hilarious video clip
Just Pretty Stuff
What a piece of photography. It is an absolutely awesome picture of the Earth taken from the Boeing built Space Station last November on a perfect night with no obscuring atmospheric conditions.
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